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Sept. 27, 2015




Just an update to what is happening at National to keep everyone in touch. 


As you may have noticed , there is much more being added to the National Web Page and your comments are being listened to and if they have merit, they will be acted upon as they can be worked in.


"Modern Day Marine" Expo was at Quantico from the 21st to the 24th September. Our 2nd Board of Trustees meeting was held in conjunction with the Expo, with all Division Vices in attendance, and it covered a lot of ground on implementing changes we all can work with.  After listing to the discussion among members it is evident the Division Vices are keeping in touch with one another, via E-mail or phone, and sharing the thoughts of the Membership.  This will allow us to be on the same page, at the same time. The implementation of the new Database was discussed, and the entire board was enthusiastic to see it become reality in a few more months with many improvements coming on line; more about this at a later time.


The attendance at "MDM" was as large this year as it has ever been. We had over 400 vendors participating from all segments of the Defense Contractor industry and they were very appreciative of our efforts, along with "Emerald Productions", who set up the show for us. They have vowed to come back and continue supporting us in the future. Several Detachments had volunteers come and assist with the work, and I wish to thank them all personally for their efforts on their own time and expense. "Semper Fi".


As you all are well aware of, on Thursday (9/24/15), a new Commandant was sworn into office. General Robert Neller is now the 37th Commandant and assumed his duties on that day.  We, as Marine Corps Leaguers, welcome him to his new duties and look forward to working with him and his staff.  At the same time, we wish to congratulate our 36th Commandant Joseph F. Dunford, as he assumes his new duties as the new Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.  His is an important position as he becomes only the 2nd Marine General to hold this position.  To both of them we wish them well with "Fair winds, and following seas."


The National Roster should be online within the next two weeks, and there are many changes.  Be sure to forward your comments to me as you have in the past, as it invigorates my energy and thought process.  We are working hard for you and we will succeed in our mission,


           "Our flag does not fly because the wind moves it, it flies with the last breath of each serviceman who died protecting it."


                                                                                                       "SEMPER FI"

Richard D. Gore, Sr.
National Commandant

Marine Corps League

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