A message from the National Commandant

June 28. 2016



     Sorry about the delay between messages but just let it be said that we have been busy. You may already have heard that there has been a lot of changes that have taken place at HQ. I will not get into the details of the transitions except to tell you that they have been beneficial to all of the members and allowed the league to move forward in the proper way to serve you.

     Johanna Hill from membership, was terminated and replaced. Meg Thoburn adjutant/paymaster, resigned. Debbie Smith merchandise, resigned. These issues alone resulted in positive changes being made which resulted in savings in money and an increase in productivity mainly through the work habits of their replacements.

     Our Comptroller Paul Hastings was replaced after many years of dedicated service by William Smith from the Dept. of Georgia. This is another positive change as he is a CPA and understands what his duties are to the membership. Allan Ferguson is remaining as the Asst. Comptroller and will handle the book work at National in concert with William Smith. Bernard Heaney has been appointed as National Auditor, Bernie is a retired IRS forensic Auditor and he is preparing to do an audit of the HQ books with the assistance of Allen, Bill, and Tom.

     Another event that will be happening in the near future is a new publisher will be hired for the "SEMPER FI" Magazine. We have been operating at an approximate loss of $250,000. per year for quite a while now and were told to expect to continue to lose for many reasons. After much searching and discussion, we have agreed with Hammock Publishing to transition from them and are set to work with Chipotle Publishing, LLC., from Henderson, NV. who has literally assured us of a quality magazine with more pages, better paper and more advertisements for a decrease in costs in the production of our Semper Fi Magazine. Chipotle is projecting a break even figure after the first year. We are not interested in an award winning magazine, but, I bet we will have one within a few years. A proposed contract from Chipotle Publishing, LLC. will soon be presented to the Board of Trustees for approval.

      So, with the same number of employees as what we did have before the changes and the cost savings between salaries and magazine publishers, we are looking at a cost savings close to $400,000 annually. This is what you mandated from us and I hope you like the results thus far. Some really hard work is still ahead of us, but now that the barriers have been removed we are confident of continued success in the future; I just do not know why these issues were not corrected before we got into this situation.

      Your Board of Trustees and the Executive Director and myself look forward to seeing you at Convention in Tulsa, Ok.


NEWS FLASH!  Our 37th Commandant of the Marine Corps, General Robert B. Neller, has accepted the invitation of the National Commandant and the Marine Corps League and will appear at our National Convention in Tulsa, Oklahoma as our Guest of Honor! 


                                                                                         "Semper Fi"

Richard D. Gore, Sr.
National Commandant

Marine Corps League


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