A message from the National Commandant

January 30, 2016



It sure is nice to be able to get back to “The Information Highway” on this page and fill everyone in on what has been going on in the League. I hear that you have been waiting for more news so that tells me that there is interest in this space and you are reading it. Thank you for listening.

I am sure that by now that you are aware that if you need new forms you can pull them up online and print them without having to order them from National. No more delays waiting for shipments and if you need more they are at your fingertips. This results in a savings in funds that had to be paid to suppliers who manufacture them.

A new Detachment locator in being implemented and we were hopeful it would be completed in time to introduce it a Mid-Winter. This will enable everyone throughout the league have contact information on all our Detachments. This info was destroyed when the site shut down and is being completely rebuilt. When installation reports are submitted this enables the most current info to be put onto the locator.

If you look onto the calendar you will see when some of the Divisions are having conferences making the membership aware of the dates, times and locations. As more information is received from the Departments and Divisions it will be added making it easier to plan your schedules so you can attend. 

THE MCL History/Awards page had not been touched for several years; the MCL History is now up to the present and those that have been presented awards from the MCL is current.  We were happy to make the awards and are more than happy to recognize the achievement on our webpages.

On the Links webpages we have installed easily recognizable as links. So instead of having to squint to read what the link says, this made it easier even us “older” people.

In regards to Veterans Info --We are updating the website with outside resources and within a very short time we should be in full swing and have useful and viable info to pass on.  We have just sent two people to school for handling veterans claims cases, as soon as the certification is completed they will start handling cases for the League. 

The Web Team is also working on installing video capability similar to YouTube.  They hope to have it available in the near future.  This way we can provide video clips from our conferences, conventions and other events that affect our Marine Corps League.

Also in the works are new committee pages that will contain the committee roster information, forms, reports and other information they deem valuable to the membership. 

The Web Team is working hard to keep the website responsive and compatible with mobile devices.   If the site is slow we may lose potential new members.  The website is a communication tool for our membership but it is also a great recruiting tool, especially for the younger generation of Marines.
When the old site was taken down we lost the online ship store.  This gave us the opportunity to put together a new site that did not require special logon/passwords.  We were proud to launch The Semper Fi online store in December.

Remember to attend the Mid-Winter Conference, if possible, and once again be reminder to purchase your chances through Military Historical Tours for a free trip to any of the locations they are offering. Five tickets for $20.00 is still the best deal I've ever seen.  Information and tickets can be found on this website with the Mid-Winter Conference information.

I want to thank everyone for allowing us, your Board of Trustees, the honor of being of service to your needs in being of service to our Corps. Remember there is no “I” in The Corps and we accomplish our goals as a T.E.A.M.


 "Semper Fi"



Richard D. Gore, Sr.
National Commandant

Marine Corps League

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