A message from the National Commandant


October 19, 2016



          It is time for us to once again reflect upon our past, and look into the future of America’s “911” fighting force. We should remember those Marines who preceded this day. 

           For 241 years, the tenacity and courage of Marines who defended the Constitution of our Country and the freedoms of our way of life have remained strong and continue to be steadfast in today’s world of conflict and strife.

           We were trained to uphold the values of our “Corps” and as we grow older that training becomes more ingrained and does not weaken. We will forever support our “Brother and Sister” warriors because that is what we do.


           Not only do we honor our veterans but we pay them the ultimate compliment by remembering them for what they are, “United States Marines”! 

           As our 241st birthday approaches, we should remember that we are the keepers of our Marine heritage. We will forever retain our love of God, Country and Corps.  


“Semper Fi”, and hold our banner on high"


Richard D. Gore, Sr.
National Commandant

Marine Corps League


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